Our Vision and Strategy

  • Our Business Model

    Future exploration focused on under-explored but proven hydrocarbon basins with the potential upside at very low cost.

    Property Acquisition:

    Mineral property acquisition assistance and property due diligence services provided in multiple domestic geographic regions as well as Canada, South America, Europe and Asia. The forward focus is on under-explored but proven basins.

    Sustainability Development:

    Our strategy is focused on building sustainable long-term value growth. We deliver our business strategy whilst ensuring safe and responsible people and operations. Our approach to sustainability focuses on our commitment to managing risks and mitigating the impacts of our operations while creating shared prosperity for shareholders, governments, citizens of host countries, employees and industry partners alike. We uphold the highest standards of governance and have robust risk management processes in place, we focus on developing long-term relationships with host governments and safeguarding the communities and the environments we work within, ultimately protecting our business, people and reputation.

    Property Development and Portfolio Management:

    Property development assistance and supervision available both domestically and internationally.  Assistance with drilling, completion and engineering of hydrocarbons. Our main focus is to add high quality assets to its portfolio through selective acquisitions where its position is comercially advantaged.

    Geoscience Development:

    Geologic, geophysical and sub-surface imaging assistance provided either internally or via 3rd party qualified vendors. Services available in a variety of geoscientific specialties. offers a large library of multi-client onshore & offshore seismic data on key regions and areas. The Company's multi-client data is licensed to multiple customers through non-transferable data license and widely applied throughout most hydrocarbon exploration and production regions worldwide.

    Finance and Capital Acquisition:

    Pilgrim with clear path to paying down debt on the existing commitments and with sufficient liquidity to protect us through further oil price downturns. A well prove method of farm-out & farm-down delivery along with a conservative hedging strategy, protecting us from oil price volatility. We have strong, long-term relationships with 3rd party capital sources to include entities such as investment banks, capital pool companies, private equity, hedge funds, institutional investors.

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  • aviation services

    Geophysical Survey:

    Aeromagnetic surveying services for both mineral and hydrocarbon exploration.  Delivered via single engine plane mount or helicopter wench mount.  On board real time data processing and storage is analyzed for the identification of mineral and hydrocarbon deposits.  Useful in locating specific "basement targets" in deep hydrocarbon exploration and to map faulting within the sedimentary sections.

    Pipeline Patrol:

    Pipeline patrol and right-of-way inspection services for the oil, gas and utility industries delivered via aircraft.  Helicopter and single engine plane deployment available.

    Property Patrol:

    Property patrol and inspection services for the soft and hard mineral industries delivered via aircraft.  Helicopter and single engine plane deployment available.

    Aerial Photography:

    Photography via aircraft for mineral and hydrocarbon property surveying and promotion.  Photo sets available for both large and small property tracts at multiple altitudes.

    Flights On-Demand:

    Executive and crew deployment over broad geographic operating areas, could include transport for special purpose personnel as well as client or investor fly-over.

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  • pressure maintenance service

    All EOR equipment and processes utilized in a candidate reservoir are engineered to specifications provided to the fabricator by Pilgrim Petroleum and is always determined by candidate reservoir properties. (i.e. depth, permeability, porosity, pay zone thickness, oil composition, etc.) A 30 to 90 day manufacturing lead time would be required for any of the systems below.  Below is a listing of pressure maintainance systems that could be applied to well sites through a relationship with Pilgrim Petroleum Corporation. Low BTU, non-commercial grade natural gas use is possible for all three system types.

    Nitrogen Injection:

    System for extracting nitrogen from an air stream. Cost is dependant primarily on injection break-in pressure and volume desired. This system can be designed for mobile or stationary applications. Feed source air can come from Electric, Natural Gas, or Diesel Compression with Electric Compression providing the lowest operational costs.

    Flue Gas Injection:

    System where the fuel is used twice, once to generate compressor horsepower as well as the inert gases to be injected, Nitrogen, and Carbon Dioxide. This design creates no atmospheric emissions and can be used for long-term inert gas drives and re-pressuring projects. Biodiesel fuel can be used if a propane or natural gas is not available. This system can be designed for mobile or stationary applications where higher injection volumes and pressures are required.

    Thermal Injection:

    Field tested, Sandia National Labs tested, equipment for producing on-site pressurized Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, and Steam. Also has an application for well bore washing and/or Paraffin control. Cost is dependant primarily on injection break-in pressure. Extremely well suited for use in a Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage heavy oil development.

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