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    This section will contain only Pilgrim Petroleum Corporation reference assets from 2007-2010, including Reports and Data with a reserves certification. This only for reference and does not represent today's information, this information is not accurate or confirm until a new reserve report is provided by the company later this year. We will be in the process to rectify on the near future. The industry term, “certification,” can be misleading. The oil and gas industry offers no guarantees or warranties. Reserves certifications are best estimates and estimates by their nature, are uncertain. No evaluator, including the most highly skilled geologists and engineers, can eliminate technical uncertainty in estimates or risk in field development projects. Publicly listed oil and gas companies that file and disclose reserves with market regulators rely on certifications for compliance to the rules.

    Reserve Certification 2007-2008 "Pilgrim Petroleum Corporation Assets" Pilgrim Petroleum Corporation later sold assets to Arcland Energy Corporation but never got paid and foreclosed in all assets few year later

    Reserve Certification 2009-2010 " Arcland Energy Corporation Assets" are Pilgrim Petroleum Corporation owned as 2017 51-101 Report.pdf.

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