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    Pilgrim Petroleum Corporation is a Texas based oil and gas exploration and development (E&D) company with domestic producing crude oil and natural gas properties. The company has positioned itself and its shareholders to take advantage of the supply needs in the energy sector by providing domestically produced resources. The Company’s management and operational team have extensive oil and gas industry expertise as well as capital market experience. Our combined strengths allow the company to run at maximum efficiency while exploiting the full potential of our properties to maximize production.

    Pilgrim Petroleum Corporation Focus on maximum development of existing fields in core areas, Increase our probable and proven reserve estimates through acquisitions and development of new properties, utilize innovative, cost-effective technologies such as pressure maintainance to enhance production as well as use modern technologies such as 3-D seismic and aeromagnetic surveying to reveal untapped reservoirs. Our vision is to create an exploration-led and sustainable cash generative oil and gas business offering shareholders exposure to material capital growth potential. We create, add and realise value within a self funding business, using either balance sheet cash or operating cash flow to fund exploration. We focus on identifying assets that are capable of providing significant and sustainable growth, capturing as high an equity position as possible in frontier areas, using our strong technical and commercial expertise and working with our partners to take our assets from discovery to development safely.

    Supporting our people People are our most important asset and helping them develop their skills and abilities ensures we continue to work towards our goals. We encourage them to realise their potential and provide them with a supportive workplace in which diversity and equality are respected and valued. The health and safety of our people is also vitally important to us. Throughout our global activities we ensure our people have a healthy, safe and secure workplace.

    Protecting the environment The safety of the environment where we operate is also vitally important to us. Throughout our global activities before operating in any new area, we assess the potential impacts of our activities in order to avoid any impact where possible, and if not possible in order to identify ways to mitigate against these and design our plans accordingly.

    Contributing to local communities Wherever we work, we aim to develop long-term partnerships with local communities and work with them where possible to develop sustainable economic, social and environmental initiatives. We encourage local people to contribute to, and benefit from, our projects and believe that by working together we can succeed together. The benefits from our operations can include: energy, infrastructure, employment and trade with local enterprises.

  • Pilgrim Petroleum Corporation

    Pilgrim Petroleum Corporation Provide well management services to small producers. Pilgrim provides a variety of operational services on a menu-type fee basis. Services include Basic Accounting, Marketing, Land Administration, Regulatory Consulting and Reporting, Engineering, Environmental, Pumping and Drilling Supervision and Pressure Maintainance services. We implements these services through a vast network of sub-contractors and consultants, thereby minimizing the staffing requirements to maintain a large operation. All sub-contract costs are passed through to the producer on a cost-plus basis. Pilgrim's compounded growth rate and positioning affords the Company to capitalize on acquisitions in strategic areas of interest and therefore create more opportunities for participation of investors.

    Pilgrim Petroleum Corporation plans to minimize the Company's overhead and capital expenditures by subcontracting the drilling, redrilling and workover of wells to independent drilling contractors and by outsourcing other services. The Company typically compensates its drilling subcontractors on a turnkey (fixed price), footage or day-rate basis depending on the Company's assessment of risk and cost considerations on each individual project. The Company continues to seek strategic alliances with service and equipment companies, technological companies, and industry partners to maximize every dollar invested and diversify our risk.

  • national assessment of oil and gas fact sheet

    Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources of the Bend Arch-Fort Worth Basin Province of North-Central Texas and Southwestern Oklahoma, 2003

    U.S. Department of the Interior
    U.S. Geological Survey
    Fact Sheet 2004–3022
    March 2004

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  • geology and characteristics of the bend arch-fort worth basin

    Map showing major structural elements (black lines), oil (green dots) and gas (red dots) well production, location of Newark East Field, and boundary of USGS Bend Arch-Fort Worth Basin Province (gray line). Red lines show present-day limit of Barnett Shale (Mapel et al., 1979) and purple lines are eastern limit of Woodford Shale (Comer, 1991). Blue line approximates the boundary of the Barnett-Paleozoic Total Petroleum System. Source: Pollastro, R. and others.(2003) " Assessing Undiscovered Resources of the Barnett-Paleozoic Total Petroleum System, Bend Arch–Fort Worth Basin Province, Texas". Online adaptation of presentation at AAPG Southwest Section Meeting, Fort Worth, TX, March, 2003.

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